Second Chances: Jang Sae-byuk, a kind-hearted orphan, receives a corneal transplant that allows her to see again. Little does she know, one of her corneas belonged to the deceased daughter of wealthy businessman Kim Tae-poong.

 Fated Encounter: Sae-byuk unknowingly becomes entangled with the Kim family, starting with a chance encounter with Tae-poong. Their paths continue to cross, leading to suspicion and secrets.

 Love at First Sight: Despite initial misunderstandings, Sae-byuk and Kim Young-ho, Tae-poong's workaholic son, develop a strong connection. Their contrasting personalities create a humorous dynamic.

 Unveiling the Truth: The mystery of Sae-byuk's connection to the Kim family deepens as she encounters familiar objects and experiences strange deja vu. Gradually, the truth about the corneas is revealed.

 Emotional Impact: The drama explores themes of loss, grief, and acceptance as the Kims grapple with their daughter's death and Sae-byuk deals with the weight of carrying a part of her.

Corporate Intrigue: Adding another layer of conflict, Young-ho faces challenges within his family-run interior design company, Lohas. Internal politics and external competition threaten his career.

 Unexpected Allies: Along the way, Sae-byuk and Young-ho find unexpected allies who support them through their personal and professional struggles. Loyal friends and family members play a crucial role.

Personal Growth: Both Sae-byuk and Young-ho undergo personal journeys of growth and transformation. Sae-byuk pursues her dream of becoming an interior designer, while Young-ho learns to embrace vulnerability and prioritize his loved ones.

Overcoming Challenges: Facing disapproval from some family members and external forces, Sae-byuk and Young-ho must fight for their love and work towards their dreams together

Finding Destiny: The drama ultimately emphasizes the power of destiny and how chance encounters can shape our lives. It leaves viewers with a heartwarming message of love, forgiveness, and the pursuit of happiness.