Simone's "Catch"? Fans Reel at Owens' Bold Claim

Gold Glare: Simone Biles, Olympic icon, weds NFL star Jonathan Owens. All smiles, right? Not quite.

 Podcast Powder Keg: Owens drops a head-scratcher on "The Pivot": "I'm the catch in this relationship." Cue the internet outrage.

Fans Flip Out: "Simone, the most decorated gymnast ever, needs a 'catch'?" Twitter explodes with side-eye emojis.

Humble Beginnings: Turns out, Owens didn't even know Simone was famous when they met! Love is blind, or clueless?

Double Standard Sting: Would Simone's comment spark the same uproar? Gender roles become a messy pirouette.

Jokes or Jabs?: Owens claims it's "just banter," but the taste in fans' mouths is sour.

Power Couple Perspective: Maybe Simone digs his confidence? It's their love story, not ours to judge, right?

Social Media Circus: The web amplifies every whisper. Can a happy couple escape the online commentary box?

Beyond the Buzz: Owens apologized, Simone seems unbothered. Is this just a media storm in a teacup?

Love's Labyrinth: In the end, it's their relationship, their rules. Let's celebrate their journey, messy comments and all