"Wedding Impossible" Stars Share Chemistry: Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min, the leads of the upcoming drama "Wedding Impossible," discussed their close bond and on-screen chemistry in a recent interview.

Kim Ha Neul in Suspenseful Teaser: The teaser for "Grabbed By The Collar" featuring Kim Ha Neul as a murder suspect has been released, raising anticipation for the drama's thrilling plot.

Son Suk Ku Faces Online Hate: The music video/teaser for Son Suk Ku's upcoming film "Troll Factory" sheds light on the harsh realities of online negativity and cyberbullying.

Star-Studded Collaboration: Song Joong Ki will make a special appearance in the drama "Queen of Tears," joining Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun. This exciting news has fans eager to see their interactions.

"Our Beloved Summer" Writer's New Project: A new drama penned by the writer behind the popular series "Our Beloved Summer" is confirmed, featuring actors Choi Woo Shik, Park Bo Young, Lee Jun Young, and Jeon So Nee.

Park Min Young's Agency Addresses Concerns: Park Min Young's agency issued a statement regarding recent reports about her family's company, aiming to clarify the situation

Kim Seon Ho Returns to Dramas: After a hiatus due to personal controversy, actor Kim Seon Ho is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama "Hashtags." This news has sparked mixed reactions amongst fans, with some excited to see his return and others expressing cautious optimism.

BTS member J-Hope recently announced a new album and docu-series set to release in March. This news excites fans as J-Hope is known for his energetic and passionate performances, which could potentially translate into future acting project