Ji-won confronts past demons: Oh Yura faces justice, while Su-min's final act pushes Ji-won to her limit, showcasing her strength and resilience.

Love conquers all: Ji-hyuk proves his unwavering love and support, culminating in a romantic and emotional confession.

New beginnings: Both Ji-won and Ji-hyuk embrace fresh starts, with Ji-won taking on a leadership role and Ji-hyuk finally facing his health issues.

 Redemption found: Joo-ran wakes up, gains a new outlook, and uses her experience to fight for justice.

Closure on past traumas: All loose ends are tied, offering closure on lingering betrayals and misunderstandings.

1Love blossoms unexpectedly: Baek Eun-ho and Yoo Hee-yeon finally express their feelings, bringing heartwarming closure to their subplot.

Family bonds deepen: The U&K family overcomes challenges and celebrates Ji-won's acceptance, fostering a strong sense of unity.

Uncertain future but a hopeful outlook: The ending leaves Ji-won and Ji-hyuk's future open, but their commitment and strength give viewers hope for their happiness.

Societal commentary addressed: The drama sheds light on issues like domestic abuse and second chances, sparking viewers' reflection.

Memorable characters leave a lasting impression: The diverse cast and their compelling journeys stay with viewers long after the finale.