A Shop for Killers (Netflix): This dark drama dives into the world of assassins, with a unique twist – a mysterious shop that rents out killers for a day.

The Bequeathed : Get ready for a thrilling mystery! This drama follows a group of people who inherit a mysterious mansion and become entangled in a web of secrets.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 (Netflix): The highly anticipated sequel returns! We don't know much yet, but expect more zombie apocalypse action at a high school.

Doctor Slump (TBA): This medical drama with a comedic twist tells the story of a genius doctor who loses his skills and must rebuild his career.

Celebrity (2023): Still riding high in popularity, this drama exposes the dark side of social media fame and the impact of online bullying.

Destined With You (2023): This fantasy romance is a heart-warmer, following two souls connected by fate across time.

Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023): Need a pick-me-up? This slice-of-life drama focuses on a cheerful nurse who brings light to the lives of those around her.

The Glory (2023): This critically acclaimed drama is a revenge story with a powerful message. A woman who suffered bullying in school meticulously plans her revenge on her tormentors.

My Demon (2023): This unique drama combines fantasy with comedy. A powerful demon loses his powers and gets entangled with a wealthy heiress, leading to hilarious situations.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022): This award-winning drama continues to be a fan favorite.  It follows a rookie lawyer on the autism spectrum who tackles legal cases with a fresh perspective.