The Georgia indictment outlines a compilation of Donald Trump’s election lies.

“Unraveling Deception: The Georgia Indictment Exposes a Web of Donald Trump’s Election Lies”

The Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury presented a fresh indictment against former President Donald Trump for his endeavors to undermine the 2020 election. This new indictment, issued on Monday, meticulously documents at least 27 false statements made by Trump regarding the election—using a cautious tally.

This marks the second indictment this month that essentially serves as a legal assessment of the ex-president’s persistent dissemination of deceit in relation to the election. In a federal indictment issued in early August, where Trump faced charges for his attempts to undermine the voters’ choice, a total of 21 instances of election falsehoods were enumerated.

The lies pinpointed in the two indictments exhibit significant overlap, yet the Fulton County dossier takes a more detailed approach in highlighting Trump’s fabricated assertions concerning Georgia, specifically. Many of these falsehoods were vocalized by Trump during a phone conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on January 2, 2021, wherein he applied pressure on Raffensperger to procure enough votes, effectively overturning Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

The Fulton County indictment, which charges Trump with disseminating false statements to Raffensperger, submitting misleading information in a court filing, and participating in a conspiracy to manipulate fraudulent pro-Trump electors, among other offenses, also meticulously presents an array of untruths propagated by 18 of Trump’s associates who have faced charges. Notably, this encompasses a substantial volume of falsehoods attributed to his former attorney, Rudy Giuliani. It’s important to underscore that this piece of writing focuses exclusively on falsehoods attributed to Trump himself.

1Trump falsely declared himself the winner of the 2020 election.
2Trump called the 2020 election “corrupt.”
3Trump claimed he won Georgia in 2020.
4Trump falsely asserted victory in other swing states.
5Trump alleged “massive VOTER FRAUD” in Georgia.
6Trump exaggerated irregular votes in Georgia.
7Trump fabricated mysterious ballot drops in Georgia.
8Trump falsely accused ballots being “dumped” in counties.
9Trump claimed thousands of deceased voted in Georgia.
10Trump inaccurately said people voted without registration.
11Trump wrongly accused an election worker of fraud.
12Trump labeled the worker a “professional vote scammer.”
13Trump falsely claimed many were denied voting in Georgia.
14Trump misrepresented Raffensperger’s response to claims.
15Trump inaccurately alleged felons voted in Georgia.
16Trump wrongly claimed underage voters in Georgia.
17Trump falsely said many used post office boxes to vote.
18Trump baselessly stated states knew votes were tainted.
19Trump wrongly believed Pence could reject electoral votes.
20Trump falsely claimed Pence agreed on his powers.
21Trump incorrectly stated Detroit had 139% turnout.
22Trump wrongly asserted Pennsylvania had excess votes.
23Trump spread falsehoods about election fraud in Pennsylvania
24Trump propagated false claims about election fraud in Arizona
25Trump misled about deceased individuals voting in Michigan.
26Trump spread broader falsehoods about election fraud in Michigan.
27Trump misled about fake pro-Trump electors.
  1. Trump’s False Winner Claim: Trump’s overarching lie was his assertion of being the real victor of the 2020 election, despite his loss to Biden by a clear Electoral College margin of 306-232. No substantial evidence of widespread fraud, capable of altering any state’s outcome, has been found.
  2. Alleging Corruption: Trump perpetuated the falsehood that the 2020 election was “corrupt.” This claim was notably made during a conversation with acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue on December 27, 2020. Trump urged them to publicly label the election as corrupt while leaving further actions to him and Republican congressmen.
  3. Claiming Georgia Victory: Trump repeatedly declared he had won Georgia in the 2020 election, despite the conclusive outcome of the state’s three vote counts indicating his loss by 11,779 votes. This false assertion persisted even after the state’s Republican governor and secretary of state certified Biden’s victory.
  4. Fabricating Swing State Wins: On December 30, 2020, Trump falsely proclaimed victory in other pivotal swing states. His categorical assertion contradicted the factual outcome in states such as Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  5. Unsubstantiated Voter Fraud Claims: Trump tweeted baseless claims of “massive VOTER FRAUD” in Georgia on December 30, 2020. These allegations lack credible evidence, both in Georgia and any other state.
  6. Exaggerating Irregular Votes: In September 2021, Trump falsely contended that the count of false and irregular votes greatly exceeded the requirement to influence Georgia’s election result. This claim was made long after Biden’s inauguration and thus lacked feasibility.
  7. Mysterious Ballot Drop Fabrication: Trump asserted without basis that a mysterious influx of ballots occurred in Georgia. The reality was that these were regular ballots counted from urban areas, which generally favored Biden.
  8. False Ballot “Dumping” Claims: Trump inaccurately claimed that ballots were illicitly “dumped” into specific counties in Georgia. This unfounded assertion lacked substantiation.
  9. Deceased Voters Allegation: Trump repeatedly asserted that thousands of ballots were cast in Georgia by deceased individuals. Investigations have refuted these claims, revealing minimal instances of such irregularities.
  10. Inaccurate Registration Claims: Trump inaccurately contended that approximately 4,502 people voted in Georgia without being listed on the voter registration list.
  11. Bogus Ballot Box Stuffed Allegation: Trump falsely accused a Fulton County election worker, Ruby Freeman, of stuffing the ballot box. This claim was debunked by investigations.
  12. Unfounded Professional Scammer Label: Trump wrongly labeled Ruby Freeman as a “professional vote scammer,” despite her exoneration from any wrongdoing.
  13. Misleading Claims of Voter Turnaway: Trump inaccurately claimed that thousands were denied their right to vote in Georgia on Election Day. Such an event would have made national news, but no credible reports supported this claim.
  14. Mischaracterizing Raffensperger’s Response: Trump falsely stated that Raffensperger was unable to address his claims during their call. Contrary to this assertion, Raffensperger and his team thoroughly debunked Trump’s false allegations.
  15. Misleading Pence’s Powers: Trump falsely believed that Vice President Mike Pence had the authority to reject Biden’s electoral votes, despite Pence repeatedly stating otherwise.
  16. Exaggerating Felon Voters: Trump falsely contended that as many as 2,560 felons with incomplete sentences voted in Georgia, despite investigations showing far fewer cases.
  17. False Claims About Underage Voters: Trump fabricated the claim of “at least 66,247” underage voters in Georgia, whereas investigations revealed the actual number to be zero.
  18. Baseless Post Office Box Allegations: Trump inaccurately alleged that over 1,000 people voted in Georgia using post office boxes as their residences, despite evidence showing that these addresses were not post office boxes but apartments.
  19. Unsubstantiated Claims of Certified Vote Issues: Trump baselessly asserted that states recognized their certified vote totals as compromised, despite these claims being unsupported by the election chiefs and governors responsible for certification.
  20. Misleading About Pence’s Agreement: Trump inaccurately claimed that Vice President Pence agreed on the extent of his powers, whereas Pence repeatedly clarified his lack of such authority.
  21. Inflating Detroit Voter Turnout: Trump falsely stated that Detroit had a turnout of 139%, a figure far from the actual 51% turnout.
  22. False Claims About Pennsylvania Votes: Trump inaccurately asserted that Pennsylvania had over 200,000 more votes than voters, despite being corrected by top officials.
  23. Misleading About Pennsylvania Fraud: Trump spread falsehoods about election fraud in Pennsylvania, including allegations of dead voters and illegitimate vote dumps.
  24. Fabricating Arizona Fraud Claims: Trump propagated false claims about election fraud in Arizona, asserting that he won by a large margin.
  25. Misrepresenting Deceased Voters in Michigan: Trump falsely claimed that thousands of dead people voted in Michigan, a claim refuted by investigations.
  26. Spreading Michigan Election Fraud Falsehoods: Trump falsely propagated broader claims of election fraud in Michigan, including illegitimate vote dumps.
  27. Deceiving About Pro-Trump Electors: Trump misled about the authenticity of pro-Trump electors, leading to charges of unlawfully conspiring to deceive various individuals.

These various lies and false claims constitute a significant portion of the legal actions and controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s post-election narrative.

What were the false claims that Donald Trump made about the 2020 election results in Georgia?

Donald Trump falsely claimed that he won Georgia, asserting victory by hundreds of thousands of votes, despite official counts confirming his loss by 11,779 votes.

How did Trump attempt to challenge the election results in Georgia?

Trump made numerous false claims, including alleging voter fraud, deceased voters, and irregularities, all of which were debunked and discredited.

What role did Vice President Mike Pence play in the claims made by Trump?

Trump falsely believed Pence had the power to reject electoral votes, despite Pence repeatedly clarifying that he lacked such authority.

What were the key falsehoods propagated by Trump regarding the swing states?

Trump falsely asserted victory in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, despite official results confirming his loss.

How did Trump’s claims about deceased voters in Michigan hold up under investigation?

Investigations debunked Trump’s claim of thousands of deceased voters in Michigan, revealing only isolated cases with benign explanations.

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