“Surprise Twist: 2023 Women’s World Cup Odds Shift Down Under”

“England Surges Ahead as Solo Betting Favorite in 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Knockout Stage”

Heading into the knockout stage, England has taken the spotlight as the top betting favorite to claim victory in the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Their impressive 3-0-0 record in Group D secured their position atop the odds list, leaving behind the United States Women’s National Team.

At the start of the week, England was in a three-way tie with Spain and the USWNT, all at +430 odds (bet $10 to win $53 total) to win the championship. However, England’s flawless group stage performance, combined with Spain’s loss, propelled the Lionesses to the forefront with odds now set at +250.

As the knockout stage draws near, let’s take a closer look at the odds for all the teams vying for the ultimate triumph in the Women’s World Cup.

2023 Women’s World Cup Betting Odds: Teams’ Chances to Triumph

England: +250 (Bet $10 to Win $35 Total)
Spain: +380 (Bet $10 to Win $48 Total)
USA: +600 (Bet $10 to Win $70 Total)
Japan: +600 (Bet $10 to Win $70 Total)
France: +750 (Bet $10 to Win $85 Total)
Netherlands: +900 (Bet $10 to Win $100 Total)
Australia: +1000 (Bet $10 to Win $110 Total)
Sweden: +1800 (Bet $10 to Win $190 Total)
Colombia: +4400 (Bet $10 to Win $450 Total)
Denmark: +8000 (Bet $10 to Win $810 Total)
Nigeria: +10000 (Bet $10 to Win $1,010 Total)
Jamaica: +12000 (Bet $10 to Win $1,210 Total)
South Africa: +16000 (Bet $10 to Win $1,610 Total)
Morocco: +23000 (Bet $10 to Win $2,310 Total)

(Note: All odds are based on a $10 bet)

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