WNBA player ‘Natasha Cloud’ Called America Trash.

WNBA player Natasha cloud calling America trash in so many ways

Before Independence Day, Washington Mystics guard Natasha cloud share many tweets to criticise America She said “Our country is trash in so many ways and instead of using our resources to make it better we continue to oppress marginalized groups that we have targeted since the beginning of times.

“Black/brown communities & LGBTQ+ man we are too powerful to still be attacking issues (separately).”

2.Imagine having all the power and resources to be great. I’m talking about everybody eats. Then imagine wasting it on hateful ideologies. Imagine weaponizing religion. That is America. We are a hateful disappointment. That’s the truth. We have the potential to be great.

3.“I’m blessed to travel the world for my career,” the 31-year-old said. “I’ve been in plenty of countries that I would have my human rights, healthcare, free/assisted schooling, don’t have to fear mass shootings or white supremacists, don’t have to be concerned about the highest maternal mortality rates. Less police murders, no mass incarceration based on race, adequate minimum wage, rights to my body as a woman, I MEAN I CAN KEEP GOING.

“Cause these are things that America is capable of … and when I say trash this is what I’m referring to. We choose to allow politicians to line their pockets and spit false and hateful ideologies to pit us against each other. America is a business.”

Who is Natasha Cloud ?

Natasha Cloud is an American professional basketball player for the Washington Mystic of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

Is Natasha Cloud a good player ?

yes, She is very good player.

Is Natasha Cloud married ?

Yes, She is married to Aleshia Ocasio ( Professional Softball Player )

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