Legislation Introduced by State Senator Griffo to Tackle Migrant Resettlement

Legislation Introduced by State Senator Griffo to Tackle Migrant Resettlement :-

In Rome, New York, State Senator Joe Griffo (R-C-Rome) has recently introduced legislation aimed at enhancing communication, accountability, and transparency concerning the resettlement of migrants in the state. Joining him in this effort, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) will be introducing companion legislation.

The need for this legislation arose when New York City sent buses of migrants to various communities across the state for resettlement, without providing prior notification or consulting with the affected areas. As a consequence, many communities have been burdened, resources have been strained, and vulnerable individuals who were already struggling with poverty were displaced from certain hotels.

The proposed legislation seeks to address these issues by establishing clearer guidelines and protocols for the resettlement process, ensuring that local communities are involved and informed. By promoting communication and transparency, the aim is to better manage the impacts of migrant resettlement and alleviate the strain on resources.

With this initiative, State Senator Griffo and Assemblyman Santabarbara seek to foster a more collaborative approach to handling migrant resettlement, promoting fairness, and considering the well-being of both the migrants and the communities they are resettled in.

The proposed bill includes essential provisions mandating the municipality responsible for transferring migrants to engage in extensive consultation with both the governor and the municipal chief executive of the directly impacted local jurisdictions at least 30 business days before the planned relocation.

Additionally, the bill requires the creation of monthly reports concerning the transportation of migrants. These comprehensive reports will be made publicly available on a government website. They will encompass crucial details, such as the total number of migrants transported from the original municipality, demographic information about the individuals relocated, the resources provided to them, and specifics related to the screening processes conducted.

By enforcing these measures, the legislation aims to enhance communication, foster accountability, and promote transparency throughout the entire migrant resettlement process. The public accessibility of the reports is designed to provide communities and concerned stakeholders with crucial information, ensuring a more informed and well-managed approach to the resettlement of migrants in New York.

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